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Журнали в різних галузях науки

Астрономический вестник

1967 Т.1 N1-4
1968 Т.2 N1-4
1969 Т.3 N1-4
1970 Т.4 N1-4
1971 Т.5 N1-4
1972 Т.6 N1-4
1973 Т.7 N1-4
1974 Т.8 N1-4
1975 Т.9 N1-4
1976 Т.10 N1-4
1977 Т.11 N1-4
1978 Т.12 N1-4
1979 Т.13 N1-4
1980 Т.14 N1-4
1981 Т.15 N1-4
1982 Т.16 N1-4
1983 Т.17 N1-4
1984 Т.18 N1-4
1985 Т.19 N1-4
1986 Т.20 N1-4
1987 Т.21 N1-4
1988 Т.22 N1-4
1989 Т.23 N1-4
1990 Т.24 N1-4
1991 Т.25 N1-6
1992 Т.26 N1-6
1991 Т.25 N1-6
1992 Т.26 N1-6
1993 Т.27 N1-5
1994 Т.28 N1-6
1995 Т.29 N1-6
1996 Т.30 N1-6
1997 Т.31 N1-6
1998 Т.32 N1-6
1999 Т.33 N1-6
2000 Т.34 N1-6
2001 Т.35 N1-6
2002 Т.36 N1-6
2003 Т.37 N1-6
2004 Т.38 N1-6
2005 Т.39 N1-6
2006 Т.40 N1-6
2007 Т.41 N1-6
2008 Т.42 N1-6
2009 Т.43 N1-6
2010 Т.44 N1-6
2011 Т.45 N1-6
2012 Т.46 N1-6
2013 Т.47 N1-6
2014 Т.48 N1-6
2015 Т.49 N1-3