фото з архіва

Гіссарської обсерваторії
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the Gissar observatory
Галина Кирилівна
Galyna K.
Юрій Васильович
Yurii V.

Laboratory of MSSB physics: about us


The field of research in the Laboratory for Physics of Minor Solar System Bodies is primarily associated with the study of the physical properties of comets. The team of the laboratory was formed under the influence of the scientific school, which was founded in the 50s of the 20th century by V.P. Konopleva. The comet studies became traditional in the scientific domain of the Observatory starting from 1964. The scientific school was being formed in the process of basic research carried out by the scientific team which in different years was headed by Dr. V.P. Konopleva, Dr.Sc. L.M. Shulman, Dr. G.Kh. Cherny, Dr.Sc. N.N.Kiselev, The current research team in 2005-2022 was led by the pupil of L.M.Shulman Dr.Sc. Pavlo Korsun. Now, the t.a. Head of the Laboratory is Ph.D. Iryna Kulyk.


Valentina P. KONOPLEVA Leonid M. SHULMAN Nikolai N. KISELEV


George Kh. CHERNY Pavlo P. KORSUN and L.M.Shulman